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GS PK King S518 Side Mark Playing Cards System

What can do you a big favor when you playing marked plastic cards? There is no doubt that barcode marked cards winner analyzer has won the heart of people. While there are so many kind of poker analyzer for you choose in the market, so do you know something about they? in this article, a brief introduction about the PK King S518 poker analyzer will be described.
Comparing to the AKK and CVK series winner system, the significant difference is that this poker analyzer can purchase 5 kinds of marked playing games randomly. So it is more popular than other barcode marked cards winner analyzer. But it also just like the same as the mobile phone, you can do anything that the phone can do! By the way, you can change the battery when it run out which is more convenient than whole machine. Where can you get the result from the analyzer? That where it's magical has! When the signal receiver receive the signal from the poker scanning camera, the analyzer can analysis the signal and then transfer the signal to the date. At this time, there will have two ways for you to get the information. One is that the date can be show as times, you can get the result as read time. One other way is that the result will show in a image, it more intuitive! But situations are very individuals to individuals, any questions can be solve in GS Marked Cards. More details you will be found in our website, and all products can be customize.

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