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External Lens For Invisible Ink Playing Cards Analyzer

As the development of technology, most luminous ink marked cards analyzer system looks like as a phone has the build-in scanning camera. But sometimes you are not allowed to put the phones on the casino when you playing the marked cards games. So other types of poker scanning camera are appeared, which are named as external lenses. In order to meet different requirement from others, so the external lenses has spring up. There are many carrier for the external scanning camera, just like the car keys scanning camera, lighter scanner, power bank barcode marked cards reader. Here we will focus on the lighter scanning camera.
First of all, the lighter are easy to carry on and hard to arose other's attention. So it may be more safety than other poker scanning devices. What's more, it is easy to operate! All the lighter poker scanning camera are with the wafer magnet which used to turn on or turn off the camera has installed into the lighter. What you should do is just take the magnet to move close to one side of lighter slightly, then the scanning camera has been turn on. When you want to turn off the lenses, flip over the lighter to another face will be ok! How smart it is! As for the distance, it can be processed as 20-30cm. May be the distance is not as long as the phone scanning camera, but it is more flexible and easy to control. Comes to the location of lenses, most mini spy cameras are installed into the button except there has a enough place in the side face to accommodate it! This kind of scanner are used to reader the marks on the side of barcode marked cards, so the scanners for back marked cards are as infrared contact lenses or UV sunglasses. More marked playing cards devices can be provide to you after you visit our website. A secret for you that all the devices we offer to you can be processed as customize. So don't be hesitate to contact with us!

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