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Different Poker Players Playing Poker Games By Different Way

As we all know, different people all have their own ideas. We always think we don't know others' thought, including those nearest and dearest, let alone unacquainted person during playing poker game. As a result, we summarized four kinds of poker players so that you can know more about different poker players thought and win money easily:
1. The occasional player, who knows little or nothing about the hard mathematical and psychological facts of the game on which now and then he hazards his money. This player constitutes the vast majority. His losses make cards one of America's big businesses.
2. The professional poker player, who earns his living (or most of it) by operating a card game. Gambler? I don't quite mean that in its dictionary sense. The professional doesn't gamble; he is a businessman who understands his trade, who runs a house for direct levies on the games or for fixed percentages which are his overhead for maintaining a pleasure resort. I have a grudging respect for this professional. He charges what the traffic will stand, but no more; he provides a service; and you can't hold his political acquaintances against him. Since he takes part in a game of chance, he is known as a gambler.
3. The card hustler, who knows a little more about the game -- any game -- than the occasional gambler, and who looks on the latter with elaborate contempt. The hustler makes most or part of his living from the occasional gambler's errors.
4. The crook, the cheat, whose gamble is not in winning or losing, but rather in getting away with it or getting caught.

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