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CVK 400 Poker Analyzer With Two Digital Camera Lenses

Our most up-to-date CVK four hundred poker analyzer is all-in-one established, based on CVK 350 kinds. Below are some details about it.
1. Equipped with two high-definition built-in digital camera lenses, cvk 400 poker analyzer is capable of looking through playing cards broader than CVK 350 just one outfitted with just one digital camera lens for the equivalent speed.
two. CVK 400poker analyzer can tell you who will be the most significant winner, the ranks of all players, the ideal and next most beneficial poker hand or other online game gains previous to dealing cards.
3. With a bluetooth earpiece going with all the CVK 400 poker analyzer you can hear the reporting seem within two meter with the analyzers, which happens to be inconceivable for CVK 350 one whose length is limited to 50 centimeters by the wireless earpiece.
four. CVK 400 poker analyzer can browse cards with its monitor up or down, at the same time CVK 350 one can only get the job done with its screen up.
5.CVK 400 poker analyzer functions for these poker games as Texas holdem,Omaha, Blackjack and nine position .
In addition to remaining a cheating equipment applicable to all poker game titles like Texas holdem, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack and so forth. CVK 400 poker analyzers are a true wise Android cellphone, enabling you to make get in touch with , deliver messages, obtain new music etc. With every one of these gains, CVK 400 poker analyzers can certainly help you cheat in an simplier and easier way!

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