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Common Earphone For All Marked Cards Analyzer

The earpieces are no longer used with mobile phone only, it also can been apply to many fields. Like as: marked cards playing games, investigation work and meeting in conversation. So here we will introduce that how the earphone work in the marked playing cards games. More information you will found in the article.
When the common earpieces used in the casino marked playing games, it apply to all the poker analyzer system as the analyzer own different signal frequency. You may feel puzzled that why it can meet different signal frequency of analyzer system? We all know that the work principle of analyzer is little complex. When the poker scanning camera sent the signal to the analyzer, the analyzer will analysis the signal to transfer the date. Then the signal transmitter sent the signal to your earpieces. During the analyzer sent the signal to your earpieces, the signal frequency are the same scope , even you use different kind of marked cards analyzer. So as for the common earpieces, The receivable signal is a range rather than a specific value. That the main different between the one to one earpieces and common earpieces. Because the signal frequency change into the special signal to meet specific signal from analyzer during the same process. So only this kind of earpieces with specific signal can receive the result from the analyzer. That why we call it as one to one earpieces! But the common earpieces will be a good choice as it can meet all the marked cards analyzer, if you hasn't such high requirement.

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