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Chip Tray Camera Monitoring System For Playing Cards

We all know most poker scanning camera are used to read the marked cards, while whether there was a device for non-marked cards. Therefore, here we would like to introduce a product for normal cards. Please keep your curiosity and read following.
This device is a high speed and HD camera. The camera can be installed into chip tray, wallet or phone. It’s small and covert. We take chip tray camera as an example. We hide the spy camera lens into a chip tray. when the dealer deal cards one by one, the camera will scan the cards face rapidly and compose a video to send to the background monitor. The monitor is a computer with related software for converting the video in slow motion. You can know the poker face with both the point and the value clearly from the monitor.
If you want to know the poker face after the cards dealt, this device is very helpful for you in some poker games like Texas Holdem, Omaha. We accept customization, you can send your chip tray or phone here to process. Once the cards have been dealt, the camera can scan the cards and you can know the cards point and suits from the background monitor soon.
The chip tray monitoring camera lens system obtain a pin hold camera lens, a receiver, a transmitter, a TV, a pair of earpieces and several decks of marked playing cards. This whole system can help you read the playing cards without any pressure and you will know poker suits and points right away. You can rest assured about it. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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