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Cards Decks Read By Secret Scanner Only For You

Marked playing cards are well-known to cards player and magician as an cheating devices, especially the plastic marked cards. Because all the plastic marked cards have a feature that extremely playable without sacrificing their durability, resilience and sharpness, and feature stylish appearance, good stretch and comfortable touching. That why many players would like plastic marked cards rather than paper cards.
As for marks, we always write on two direction, we write the marks on the back of playing cards as normal marked cards for IR/UV poker contact lenses or sunglasses and marks on the side of marked cards as for barcode playing cards for kind of camera lens. While what was the most important things are the player worried about? Does the marks are secretly and clear enough for player, that means other players can't find any difference between the normal playing cards and marked cards by their naked eyes. What's more, many kinds of brand marked cards are offered in our company.
How to judge whether the marked cards is good or not is also important. There is a most obvious criteria for judging, it is bad if you have smell a pungent smell form the cards. We all know that, all the marked cards can be marked by the invisible ink. But we can promise you that there will not have any smell about the ink as a high-quality marked playing cards deck.

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