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Camera Lens For Poker Analyzer System

The marked playing cards are divide into marked cards for infrared contact lenses or sunglasses and barcode marked cards for camera lenses. But as for the poker scanning camera, it can be installed into the poker analyzer or other common things which can be allowed to appear in the casino. While the work efficiency has not much different. The only way to distinguish between good and bad lens quality is when the distance is far enough to read the results are still accurate. And we can promise you that all the poker scanner we provide for you with the high quality, as long as it has been put in the admitted range of this camera.
In some area, you are not allowed to put on your mobile phone which has set up the poker analyzer system, so you can not get the information about the barcode marked cards, in this situation. So it will more convenience for you to bring external camera which has been installed into the normal thing that can arose other's suspect hardly than build-in camera. The external camera we offered like as the mobile phone power bank scanning camera, watch poker scanner, lighter poker scanning camera, car keys scanner and so on. By the way, the normal poker scanning camera can not reader the barcode marked cards in three-dimensional angle, but many kinds of poker scanning camera we offered can do things like that. Different poker scanner suit different situation, all the poker devices can be customize. More information please do not Hesitate to get in touch with us!

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