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Barcode Invisible Ink Marked Cards reader

The normal function of the power bank is used to charger your smart phones, so it is hardly to think that it can be used as a marked cards scanner. In fact, it is not surprise at all when appear to casino as the mobile phone playing more and more important role in our daily life. Here have more details about it!
But at first, I would like to explain what is the barcode marked playing cards! As it named, the marks on the barcode cheating cards have been write on the edge of marked cards. This type of marked cards are very different with the marked cards for infrared sunglasses or UV contact lenses. The barcode marked cards should work with the poker scanning camera and poker winner analyzer. So the Power bank scanner appeared, which can not arose suspect from other. Liking other types barcode playing cards reader devices, when the power bank scanner move to the marked cards, pictures it will catch. Then, pictures will be send to the poker winner analyzer and the result will be returned back to you by your earphone within 0.5 second. So you can get the Accurate date directly without any problems.
It is really a good device for you, which can do you a big favor, no matter which situations you are! How convenient it is! Information of other types of poker scanner, you can feel free to contact with us!

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