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Baccarat Playing Cards Dealing Shoe Tricks

This is a new technology product for the baccarat game, before maybe many people know the dealing shoe can see the face of first coming card or know what the cards are by looking at the bar-codes lines on the sides of cards, and just can use the remote control to control the first coming card up and down, but it is unable to know who are winner, that is, they can not tell you banker ( dealer ) is winner or player is winner or tie.
While this new technology baccarat dealing shoe system will be able to tell you who is winner. But how to use this kind of baccarat dealing shoe? You have to use the bar-codes marking playing cards which are for poker analyzer. From the beginning, you have to open the power of dealing shoe, and then use the remote control to turn the camera inside the dealing shoe on, and put the marked cards into the dealing shoe, then the mini camera will scan the bar-codes marked cards, then the analyzer will analyze the bar-codes on the sides of marked cards and tell you who is winner, you will be able to hear the result by wearing the wireless micro-earpiece or use the vibrators, and this kind of baccarat dealing shoe will also tell you which card you should change and then will be able to change the winner.
As for the dealing shoe, we can make different sizes and color of dealing shoes for you as you required, such as the dealing shoes for 1 deck of cards, or 6 decks of cards or 8 decks of cards and so on, as you just need to tell us how many decks of cards you will put into the dealing shoe. And we also can make your own unique dealing shoe as you required.

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