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Automatic Tracking Pictures Scanning Camera

Nowadays, more and more devices had been used in the gambling. It was really unwise, If you do not catch up the new technology which do you an favor in building confidence during play poker games. Thus we provide you a key to open the door of gambling's secret. We have developed a new poker scanning camera, which has the function of automatic tracking image.
The brand-new poker scanning camera that you cannot miss, which is called automatic tracking image poker scanner camera, it is an intelligent poker scanning camera for scanning system and moving barcode marked cards. It is the only new poker scanner that only has the function of large angle panorama recognition in the market. It can also work with Samsung scanner system (AKK poker analyzer) and CVK scanner system.
For the old poker analyzer, you need to put the marked poker cards in the correct distance and appropriate place, otherwise you cannot get the accurate results. Now, for this new automatic tracking image poker scanner camera, you can use this new scanning camera to scan the barcode marked cards however you like. just need to make sure that you can in the cube range of 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm. As long as you place the barcode marked cards in admitted distance. It bring more convenient to you and extremely popular among the great number of players.

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