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Automatic Playing Cards-marked

It is hard to master your destiny without any equipment, so the innovative technique has applied to the casino games. What we talking about are marked playing cards which has a distinct marks that is recognizable only by the user. So once you has it , you can use this advanced method to control their luck confidently.
But how the marked playing work? It is always come along with the IR or UV contact lenses or poker scanning camera. With the help of them, the marks on the marked playing cards will be a clear vision that you can see the cards other players have. But before the games, you should wear hours to adjust it! So that you can keep you eyes from hurting. The first type of cards which marks are on backside of cards can be read by the contact lenses or sunglasses for particular purpose. While the marks of second type of marked cards which on the beside of marked cards can be read by kinds of poker scanning camera and work with the poker winner system. This type of cards also named barcode marked cards.
All kind of marked cards we have can been made as marked playing cards. But equipments are very different from individuals to individuals, and to make them really available to customers. Our company are gonging live provide customized ones to meet every individual requirement. So any product you are interested, please feel free to contact with us!

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