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All-in-One And Crew-Served Poker Parsers

With the wide spread of entertainment games, more and more interesting and wonderful poker devices come into people’s views in an unnoticed way. Among various kinds of cheating devices in the market, poker parsers are one of the most popular cheating devices with gambles all over the world. Based on its importance in games, a comparison between all-in-one poker parser and crew-served poker parser are made to share with you.
Generally speaking, in terms of operating method, poker parser can be divided into two kinds. They are respectively the all-in-one poker parser and the crew-served poker parser. As their names imply, all-in-one can be operated by only one person while crew-served parser needs to be used by a few people at the same time to make sure it can work smoothly.
Besides that, all-in-one poker parser is more convenient for people to use in the occasions of cheating at diverse games. Just with one all-in-one poker parser, you do not need to take any other cheating tool with you. In this way, it also seems more secure and secret in the meantime.
What’s more, compared with the crew-served poker parser, all-in-one poker analyzer is accurate and faster in sending information about the values and suits of cards. It only takes you 0.1 second or so to receive the desirable news of poker faces and the to-be winner in the game. Here are other poker analyzer like: AKK poker analyzer, CVK poker analyzer, PK King poker analyzer, LD poker analyzer. For more information, please don't be hesitate to contact with us!

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