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AKK K5 All-in-one Poker Scanner System

Poker analyzer for reading brands of barcode marked cards can install into smart cellphones of different brands, including Iphone, Samsung and Nokia. Here in this article,we are gonna introduce you to the Samsung Galaxy AKK K5 poker analyzer which can use to predict the poker games result as Texas holdem, Omaha, Andar Bahar and Flush.
There is a poker scanning camera installed inside the poker analyzer, but it also can work with external scanning cameras.
A newly-upgraded 3.0 software has been installed in the poker analyzer, which can make it capable of reporting poker results more quickly, stably and accurately no matter its screen faces up or down.
There are different program settings in the poker analyzer, like reading poker cards one by one or reporting poker results directly, you will know the first winner, second winner or the rank of each poker hand. Users can hear the reporting sound clearly with an earpiece. A remote control dedicated to the poker analyzer can remotely control the switch of its internal camera and the number of players or other more function.
By working with barcode marked cards, our Samsung Galaxy AKK K5 poker analyzer can help poker players play poker games in an easy and safe way. If you are interested in this poker analyzer, why not have a try!

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