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Advance AKK Analyzer For Marked Cards With Passwords

We all know that poker analyzer are quite useful for the barcode playing cards, and many types poker winner analyzer are dealing in the market. So have you had any thought about the AKK4? K4 is just one of the AKK series and it looks like a mobile phone. But more advantages it have than other analyzers. Here is a brief introduction about it!
There is no doubt that the poker analyzers are Constantly upgrading in order to meet individuals requirement. Generally speaking, the poker analyzer should work with the poker scanning camera, barcode marked cards and a pair of special earpieces. But in terms of theK4 poker analyzer, there has a built-in camera in its body, so you do not need to extra purchase poker scanning camera. The most worthy of everyone's attention is that the signal frequency belongs to the new frequency which can match all kind of signal frequency from poker scanning camera perfectly. Therefore, there is nothing to worried about the question that the analyzer can not receive the signal sent by poker scanner or analyzer can distinguish the signal frequency of poker scanning camera. By the way, there is a situation that someone want to join the games you are playing suddenly, what should you do? So a remote control we have prepare for you, and you can change the number of people just by remote control under without touch the your mobile phone! While, the poker scanner will scanning the barcode marked cards again, so any problem would not appear even the number of player have been changed!
Wanting to know more information about the AKK4 or other types poker winner analyzer, you can just feel free to contact with us! As long as you trust us, the product we provide will not let you down! All the good we offered can be customize, we can process the product until you satisfaction.

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