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A New Device Apply To Deliver Result About Casino Cards Games

The most common casino cheating devices is marked playing cards, and there are many kind of brand marked cards as Modiano, Furnier and Copag. While in order to read the marks on the playing cards, we should apply to different devices. Just like the infrared contact lenses or sunglasses for back marked cards and camera lenses for barcode marked cards. What's more, you can choose the IR camera lenses, if you want a large scanning scope. And now we will pay more attention to a special devices-intercom!
May be you will feel amazing. But we all knows that the basic function of the intercom is deliver the voice in the long distance. So it is also the same applies to the marked cards playing games to deliver the massage. The delivery distance of the incomes can be reached at least 50 cm. But another type of intercom which can insert the SIM cards to make a call can deliver the massages as long as call distance, therefore it will be more expensive than others. As for the common intercom, it can contact the signal transmitter via Bluetooth. So the signal frequency are apply to all kind of common earpieces. That means once you have the common earpieces, you can receive other's message within the admitted signal distance even though you are using different kind of intercom. But you can change the signal frequency of your intercom and signal transmitter, so that other wouldn't get the result by common earpieces. More information about 007 intercom, please don't hesitate to contact with us.

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