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AKK K4 all-in-one poker analyzer for barcode playing cards

To be the ultimate winner is the only aim for poker players in poker games. It looks a little be difficult to make it come true. But, you can spend no effort to realize your aim with our latest AKK poker analyzer.
AKK K4 poker analyzer is our newest products. This kind of analyzer is more advanced than other old poker analyzer. First, it is a real cell phone with a fashionable and elegant appearance. Second, it is fixed with a HD local camera. That's mean it is all- in-one analyzer, which can not only scan the barcode poker playing cards but also analyze the data and report the result by mini earpiece. Or you can see the result on the screen directly. However it is ok if you want to use other extra camera lens. Comparing with the old poker analyzer, except for the long scanning distance reaching to 20-45cm, K4 poker analyzer also has a width scanning distance which can be 23cm. In addition, there is a remote control to switch on or off the poker analyzer. The remote control make your cheating safer and more concealed.
You just need to play the poker analyzer on the table, it scan the marks on the barcode marked cards automatically, no matter the cards face down or up. Then the information of the cards would be sent to poker analyzer that decode the marks and report the result to you within0.3s through mini earphone or Bluetooth. No one but you know the result before the games finish. Using our K4 poker analyzer will make your aim be real, now what are you waiting for?
If any question, please contact us at any your convenience.


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