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100% Plastic Copag Neo Pets Invisible Ink Playing Cards

  • copag neo pet marked playing cards copag neo pet marked playing cards
Size: Bridge Size
Index: Jumbo Index
Material: 100 Percent Plastic
Payment: Western Union and Moneygram
Shipping: Fedex,DHL and EMS
Delivery Time: Two or Three Working Days
Product ID: IIMC00174

Copag Neo Pets 100% Plastic Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards feature its cute and fashionable back pattern and smooth touch feeling. Although Copag Neo pet playing cards are not the hot-sell product in Copag cards, there is a growing number of poker lovers that like these product, especially the processed Copag Neo marked deck.

For processing the Copag Neo series playing cards, ink and printer are essential. However, the importance of technician' s skill cannot be neglected. Because there are some company with high-tech card printer and ink, they still have poor ability to manufacture the high quality marked cards. The back marks on the Neo playing cards cannot be read clearly is the most common feature of low quality Copag Neo marked deck. To solve this problem, technicians need to adjust the ink and printer more or less when processing the playing cards. Otherwise, the same mark with same ink and same marking system that are made on the back of Neo poker cards cannot work well with infrared contact lenses or UV sunglasses. That is reason why our company think highly of our technicians. We have a team about 20 people who are very good at marking different playing cards and are very experienced. And at the same time, our company spends lots of money and time in upgrading the marking system.

In this way, our Copag Neo marked deck of cards are always the first choice for poker players.

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