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Bicycle Standard Index USA Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

  • bicycle standard index marked cards bicycle standard index marked cards
Brand: Bicycle
Index: Standard
Material: Paper
Original: USA
Color: Red / Blue
Deck: Single
Markings: UV / IR
Delievery Time: 2 - 3 Working Days
Product ID: IIMC00185

Bicycle USA standard index cards are marked with invisible ink buy our company which has more than 10 years' experience at processing UV cards. No matter what kind of playing cards, we can provide the best service.

Bicycle paper cards are available in red and blue colors, original from USA. We can marked the numbers and suits on the back of the cards, and use invisible ink contact lenses to read the marks. The invisible ink decks look like clean cards, no difference. With this invisible ink, the players can see the cards easily no matter self or opponents, and then reasoning out the results in the game. Big marks in the middle, 4 small marks, also small marks on the white boarder are available. By the way, we also accept customized marks, no matter what kinds of marks you want, we can also mark that to your need.

Bicycle invisible ink marked cards are the most important playing cards for poker players or magicians. You can use them to do the magic tricks to pleasure the audience, and you also use them in poker card games, like Texas Holdem, BlackJack and so on, just need to buy our perspective contacts and sunglasses, then you can get the marks.

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Name: Jacques Time: 2022-06-24 22:27:27
Content: Hi I am interested in magnetic table,for remote control.Which size do you have? Can you send in EU? Thanks in advance. BR Jacques
Reply: Hello friend, thank you for inquiry about our products, please check the message i sent you on Whatsapp about products. Look forward to your reply!
Name: Noah Matthias Time: 2022-06-15 16:09:15
Message: I would like to buy the invisible ink cards
Reply: Thank you for your inquiry about our products, please check the Whatsapp message i sent you. Thanks

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