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LD D6 All-in-one Wide Range Poker Scanner Analyzer Cheat

  • LD D6 Poker Scanner Analyzer LD D6 Poker Scanner Analyzer
Brand: LD
Scanning distance: About 20-70 cm
Scanning deck: 2 decks
Battery time: About 2 hours
Remote control: One
Application: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Blackjack
Product ID: IIMC00143

LD D6 poker scanner analyzer is an all-in-one wide range cheating analyzer. What is all-in-one poker analyzer? It's to say this poker cheating analyzer can operate the whole process of scanning cards and analyzing the scanning image. That is to say, the user does not need an external scanning camera, like the car key scanner, power bank scanner, etc. And how long is the scanning distance of this LD D6 all-in-one winner analyzer? The longest distance of it can reach about 70 cm. The range of the scanning distance is about 20-70 cm.

The wide range scanning distance is a big advantage of this poker analyzer. If you guys use the poker table, take the 10 seat poker table as an example, you can sit any seat you want (except the seat 3 and 8, the scanning distance is from 80-100 cm). That's awesome, right?

No matter using which model of poker cheating analyzer, practice is important and necessary. The more you practice, the easier you find the perfect angle between the cards and the scanner. When you use LD D6 all-in-one wide range poker scanner analyzer, you are the master of the Texas Holdem, Omaha and blackjack game.

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