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The Consequence of Using Low-quality Products

An unlucky gambler was caught for the others found that he used poker cheating products. The funny thing is, people saw the invisible marks on the back of cards at the beginning and he did not know, he still thought that only he can see the juice while wearing contact lenses. His reason for doing so was more ridiculous; he said he just wanted to earn enough money to make bail. In fact, he was facing felony charge for doing the same thing in other place.
Think about that, if you like him, prefer the low price marked playing cards, you may be stuck in the same predicament. Then how can you explain to your friends.
I always believe that different thing will bring you different consequence. If you just accept the best, you may get the best in the end.
I am sorry that this guy did not realize the high-quality marked cards are the important key in the whole poker games.
Good quality, good result. Bad quality, bad result.

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