one to one scanning system

poker analyzer
One to One Scanning System

One to One Scanning System for Infrared Ink Marked Cheating Poker Decks

With our marked cards and our own Scanning system, you have the one-to-one scanning system. What does it mean? It means that only you, with the one-to-one scanning system, that can predict the results of the game you are playing. No any other player can do this even if they are using any scanning system. This is extremely miraculous for the ga...
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one to one barcode cards Analyzer

One to One Scanning System Barcode Cards Analyzer

One to one poker scanning system barcode deck analyzer is a kind of useful poker device. It is different from the normal poker analyzer and it has its own signal frequency. That is to say normal device cannot check this new product. With the help of this reliable device, the u...
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LD  iPhone Poker Analyzer

LD I6 iPhone Barcode Poker Card Analyzer Devices

LD I6 Iphone barcode marked cards analyzer devices is the hot-sale product in the LD winning predictor series. In order to take advantage of this devices, there are several parts that necessary: barcode marked cards, scanner(local scanner or wireless camera), poker analyzer, r...
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LD D6 Poker Scanner Analyzer

LD D6 All-in-one Wide Range Poker Scanner Analyzer Cheat

LD D6 poker scanner analyzer is an all-in-one wide range cheating analyzer. What is all-in-one poker analyzer? It's to say this poker cheating analyzer can operate the whole process of scanning cards and analyzing the scanning image. That is to say, the user does not need an e...
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iphone x poker analyzer

iPhone X Analyzer Texas Holdem and Omaha Scanning System

There are numerous poker analyzer in the market. If you ask me which one is the best for Texas Holdem or Omaha game, I would recommend you the latest iPhone X analyzer system. It's outstanding iPhone X looks attractive to many players' interests and there are hundreds of games...
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iphone x poker scanning camera

IPhone X Phone Camera to Cheat in Texas Holdem Poker Games

Iphone X phone camera for online poker name is for poker analyzer system. It disguises itself as a perfect and real Iphone X phone model. But in fact, there is a mini camera for barcode marked playing cards inside the phone model. So what are the advantages of Iphone ...
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Poer Bank Scanning Camera

Iphone 6 Power Bank Scanning Camera for Barcode Marked Cheating Cards

As we all know that Iphone6 is one of the latest fashionable phone and enjoys the large population from all over the world, thus the Iphone 6 Power Banks are also very popular used. We can install a mini camera into it so as to scan the barcode marked cards for the poker analyzer. Don’t you think it is cool that you can scan the barcode ...
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iPhone 6 Scanning Camera

Iphone6 Scanning Camera for Side Barcode Marked Cards

With the replacement of iphone cell phone, the Iphone6 comes out, It is very fashionable and popular, so our company introduced a new products, Iphone 6 scanning camera. It is not only a real phone,you can use it make a call, send message and surf the internet, but also a scanning camera, you can use it to scan the barcode marked cards. ...
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iPhone Camera Lens

Iphone4 Scanning Camera to Catch Information of Invisible Deck

Iphone 4 is not only smart in its outlook, but also the most advanced in its scanning performance. An I phone with a secret camera inside is almost a must in the scanning system. The distance between the barcode marked cards and the scanning camera are as following:  10-20cm, 20-30cm, 25-35cm, 30-40cm If you have a...
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Nokia FM Marked Cards Scanning Camera

Nokia FM Smart Phone Poker Scanning Camera for Cheating Poker

Nokia series are always the prior option for many people. There is no difference between the appearances of the Nokia FM with a camera inside and the very normal ones. The scanning camera that we are going to install into the phone is so small and secretive that no one can notice it. The distances between the barcode marked cards and the Nokia...
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