marked playing cards contact lenses

We focus on a product that is marked playing cards contact lenses, this product is actually infrared contact lenses, used marked playing cards with glasses to read.

Now, It is very popular to make mark on playing cards, they are not for gambling, not to win, but to experience the feeling of winning in the poker game, so there will be factories to create a special playing cards. This type of poker is called a marker card, and the need for invisible ink contact lenses to see the mark, this invisible ink is not UV ink and IR ink, is a special band of ink.

Many of the world's branded poker cards can be made, such as Modiano playing cards, Copag playing cards, Fournier playing cards, Bicycle playing cards, bee and NTP poker cards.

In addition, infrared contact lenses, is a special material production, ordinary contact lenses can not be processed. Because of their different materials, processing time will be easily damaged. Therefore, the price of infrared contact lenses is relatively high, many people can not understand. Many people will choose super cheap products, but if you choose such a product, your eyes will not be safe to guarantee.

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