Luminous Ink Kit

Do you want to mark regular poker cards by yourself? The luminous ink kit can help you, this luminous ink kit includes: invisible ink and marker pen.
Our technical staff mark the regular poker cards into luminous ink marked playing cards with luminous ink by special machine, when using luminous ink to mark playing cards on their backs, it is nearly unavoidable for many other producers that there exists more or less chromatic aberration between marked cards and their original cards, but now we have solve this problem. Our company produced the marked cards which keep good hand feel and shape of their original cards after being processes with luminous ink.
Now you can use the luminous ink kit to mark the cards at home, you can use it to mark any pattern of regular playing cards that you want. It is very easy to use, you just need put the invisible ink into the marker pen, then use the invisible ink pen to write the marks that you want to.

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