Luminous Ink Glasses Kit

Luminous Ink Glasses Kit


Note: The glasses are not included. The pictured frames are for visual purposes so you can see what they look like on glasses, they are our past creations we made. You will receive the kit so that you can create your own luminous ink glasses.

This auction includes the luminous ink red filter film (enough for 2-3 pairs of glasses), directions, step by step video link to watch how to create them.


How does the luminous ink glasses work?

Luminous ink is a new way that magicians and poker cheaters are taking advantage of the invisibility. Luminous ink will burn into the back of red back playing cards. To the naked eye, there is nothing there but using the red filtered luminous ink glasses, you will see the markings. To complete the set, buy the luminous ink kit to create marked cards for magic tricks or cheating Texas Hold Em'.


**No defects to the naked eye, but with red filtered sunglasses you will see everyones poker hand**

**Use them for cheating Texas Hold em' or use them for a magic trick**

**Luminous ink does not wear off, nor does it fade!**


 In order to take full advantage of cheating poker you must buy the luminous ink kit. We sell the kit in our other auction.

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