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Luminous Ink Glasses Kit

Most poker players like buy luminous ink marked cards with glasses to help them poker games, but do you know how to mark the marked cards? And do you want to mark the invisible ink playing cards by yourself? We sell the luminous ink glasses kit and special marking cards printer, which could be used to mark marked cards poker.
Our invisible ink is helpful for making back marked cards or barcode marked cards. With the help of poker printers, the user can make their marked cards secretly. Any brand of poker cards could be processed to marked cards, no matter they are plastic cards or paper cards. You can write your unique marks on the cards on the back or four edge sides. We sell the UV and IR invisible ink. Some poker players maybe know the invisible ink pen.
We sell the UV and IR invisible ink. Some poker players maybe know the invisible ink pen. Some poker players use it to write marks by hands. As matter of fact, the printing marks are better than the hand marks. The first marks can last as long as two years and the hand marks just can last one days. IR invisible ink is in dark blue and the UV invisible ink is in red. But they both smell tasteless. So when you get the special ink, how do you make marked cards? Firstly, apply a little ink on the surface of the decks and print marks on the back or edges. Secondly, waiting till the ink get dry. And then you could see those marks by the help of IR sunglasses, IR contact lenses, spy camera lenses or other poker cameras.


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