Invisible Ink Pen Contact Lenses

How can you increase your winning odds in poker games? The invisible ink pen will answer this question for you. With invisible ink pen contact lenses and luminous marked cards poker in your games, you can control your poker games easily.
The material of invisible ink pen contact lenses is adopted the polymer material that has more than 40% water content, which will offer you good feeling when you wear them. Meanwhile, your sight will not be affected by them even if you drive a car at night. The application of invisible ink pen contact lenses is special for reading the invisible marks on the back of juice marked deck in poker games. With them in your poker games, you can read the poker face of each cards. Therefore, you will have more chances to win.
We offer the high quality invisible ink pen contact lenses, which can see the marks very clearly, and it looks just like the regular contact lenses, you needn't worry others will detect it.

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