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Advance AKK Analyzer For Marked Cards With Passwords     2017-03-01

Generally speaking, the poker analyzer should work with the poker scanning camera, barcode marked cards and a pair of special earpieces. But in terms of the K4 analyzer, there has a built-in camera in its body, so you do not need to extra purchase poker scanning camera.

Interested In Marked Cards With Passwords     2017-02-28

While, what can be the passwords? Mostly are the distinction of back patterns like dots, colors, or maybe shadows of finish, or a mix of all above.

Poker Gambling With Clock Scanner     2017-02-24

The clock poker scanning camera appeared. This device is targeted to such situation that a clear rules has been set anything can not be put on the table.

Barcode Invisible Ink Marked Cards reader     2017-02-23

The normal function of the power bank is used to charger your smart phones, so it is hardly to think that it can be used as a marked cards scanner.

Modiano Da Vinci Cheating Plying Cards     2017-02-23

So Da Vinci playing cards will not scratch, tear, or crease under normal playing conditions. Durable and washable, a properly cared for deck will last for years and years!

Automatic Tracking Pictures Scanning Camera     2017-02-21

The brand-new poker scanning camera that you cannot miss, which is called automatic tracking image poker scanner camera, it is an intelligent poker scanning camera for scanning system and moving barcode marked cards.

Invisible Ink Kit For You Mark Cards By Yourself     2017-02-21

This magic pen are made of invisible ink. They are suitable for all kinds of games such as Blackjack, Bacarrat, Omaha poker, Texas holdem poker etc.

Infrared Sunglasses See Through Poker Cards     2017-02-20

In terms of the sunglasses, it may be the most fashion styles and safety in all the eyewear accessories,

Automatic Playing Cards-marked     2017-02-18

It is always come along with the IR or UV contact lenses or poker scanning camera. With the help of them, the marks on the marked playing cards will be a clear vision that you can see the cards other players have.

Solutions For Different Color IR Or UV Contact Lenses     2017-02-15

Close your eyes. Rub your eyes back and forth lightly and tenderly for a few times. Then, turn your eyes naturally.

Professional Printer Luminous Ink For Poker Games     2017-02-10

All of the luminous ink can be used to write the marked deck, but the marks of poker deck have a good or bad quality of the point.

Marked Cards in a Casino or Cardroom Near You     2017-01-28

In the last month marked cards have been discovered in two major Las Vegas casinos and one in Reno.

Playing poker cards with a Infrared Device     2017-01-27

Playing poker cards with infrared device can be use texas and omaha game.

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses for Cheating Poker     2017-01-27

Luminous marked cards contact lenses can use on cheating poker.

The Luminous Ink Kit     2017-01-26

This luminous ink kit is only for PAPER based red backed cards.

How to mark cards with luminous ink and invisible pen     2017-01-26

luminous invisible ink pen can mark playing cards, Marking cards is an art and requires practice.

How Can You Mark Playing cards with Luminous Ink      2017-01-20

Playing cards invisible ink is a new technology that can help burn up markings on to playing cards, only infrared filters can see.

Luminous reader infrared contact lenses and infrared poker cards bring you hope     2016-12-08

when you lost too many times, the invisible ink contact lenses and marked cards can help you win back, which will bring you a big hope.

The choice of magic playing cards     2016-11-18

Relative to the Bicycle marked cards, the touching feeling and softness of Bee marked playing cards should be better than Bicycle marked poker cards.

How to see through poker cards     2016-11-02

The invisible ink marked cards have three types: marked cards for contact lenses, barcode marked cards, IR marked cards.

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