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Types Of Infrared Marked Cards Contact Lenses     2017-05-02

When you wear the special contact lenses, you will be able to see the marks on the back of the marked cards. With a naked eye you will not be able to see the marks.

Black Poker Shoe To See The First Coming Card Without Mark     2017-04-28

This is a new technology of baccarat game,as we install a mini camera inside, so the poker shoe will be able to see the face of the top first coming card and you will be able to use the remote control to control the first coming card up and down

Suitable IR Contact Lenses For Back Marked Cards     2017-04-24

They can work together with any back marked cards. For example, Bee back marked cards, Copag back marked cards, Fournier back marked cards, KEM back marked cards.

AKK K4 Poker Winner Predictor Scanning System     2017-04-24

K4 poker analyzer is a real Samsung cell phone to scan the marked playing cards at poker games and analysis the data with 100 percent correct rate within few second.

Properties And Types Of Loaded Dice     2017-04-21

In addition, this chamber will sometimes be filled with mercury, which is that liquid silvery metal which happens to be very dense as well.

Baccarat Playing Cards Dealing Shoe Tricks     2017-04-20

Putting the marked cards into the dealing shoe, then the mini cards camera will scan the bar-codes of marked cards, then the analyzer will analyze the bar-codes on the sides of marked cards and tell you who is winner.

Lenses To See Marked Playing Cards     2017-04-17

IR contact lenses are a perfect working partner for IR marked cards in poker cheat. Wearing our IR contact lenses, users can clearly see the invisible IR marks printed on the backs of regular playing cards.

Wireless Audio Intercome With A Talker For Poke Games     2017-04-14

When we use a poker cheating camera read the invisible ink marking cards and then this device could tell the player who play in poker rooms and what poker cards they have in their hand

Red Baccarat Magic Cards Dealing And Suffling Tricks With Two Remote Controllers     2017-04-13

The whole magic poker shoe system includes three parts: a poker shoe with an HD camera, two remote controllers, and barcode marked cards.

Cigarette Box HD Marked Cards Camera Reader      2017-04-06

Before the dealer dealing poker cards, the HD camera lens will scan barcode marks on marked cards immediately and send the data to poker analyzer.

External Scanning Camera For Poker Analyzer     2017-04-06

These poker camera lenses can work any kind of poker analyzer well, such as CVK350 poker analyzer, CVK400 poker analyzer, K30 poker analyzer, K20 poker analyzer and so on.

Belt Spy Camera For Contact Lenses Marked Cards     2017-04-05

The camera lens is generally superb for looking at the back marked playing cards which could not be identified by other visitors like IR contact lenses or poker scanners.

Baccarat Automatic Cards Dealing Shuffler System     2017-04-01

We hide the HD and HS spy camera lens into the automatic shuffler, when the cards passing, the poker scanning camera lens scan the face of the poker and remember them.

PK King 518 Poker Analyzer With Double lenses     2017-03-31

PK King 518 poker analyzers can work with any styles of cameras for any styles of poker predictors, such as MDA poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer, CVK350 and CVK350C and CVK400 poker analyzers.

Marked Cards Casino Games Winner Predictor     2017-03-28

As for CVK 500 analyzer, there is a big advantage that four signal frequency offered to you to choose than the AKK analyzer with only one signal frequency.

Magical Magnet Earphone For Marked Cards Predictor Analyzer     2017-03-28

That means after the scanning camera reading the barcode marked cards, the marked cards winner system will analysis the date and return the result by your magnet earpiece.

What Is The 007 Intercom For Casino Cards Games     2017-03-27

While 007 intercom just including earpieces and signal receiver, due to it can insert the SIM cards to get result. Therefore, your partner can call your number of SIM cards on your signal receiver.

Large Scanning Scope Camera For IR Marked Cards     2017-03-27

Here is a kind of camera lenses named IR scanning camera for IR marked cards writed by the invisible ink. IR camera lenses usually fixed in some fixed position like ceiling light, mural and clock.

A New Device Apply To Deliver Result About Casino Cards Games     2017-03-25

While in order to read the marks on the playing cards, we should apply to different devices. Just like the infrared contact lenses or sunglasses for back marked cards and camera lenses for barcode marked cards.

Common Earphone For All Marked Cards Analyzer     2017-03-25

When the common earpieces used in the casino marked playing games, it apply to all the poker analyzer system as the analyzer own different signal frequency.

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