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Samsung Galaxy S6 Omaha Poker Scanner System     2017-08-14

This poker analyzer has been installed into a poker scanning camera for barcode marked cards, but it also can work with external poker camera.

AKK K5 Poker Predictor Software System     2017-08-07

AKK K5 has a built-in HD camera inside, whose scanning distance is 20 to 40cm. Besides, AKK K5 can also work with external poker scanning cameras.

Chip Tray Camera Monitoring System For Playing Cards     2017-08-05

The chip tray monitoring camera lens system obtain a pin hold camera lens, a receiver, a transmitter, a TV, a pair of earpieces and several decks of marked cards.

Texas Holdem Analysis Software with XP System     2017-08-04

It is necessary to add a poker camera lens and barcode marked cards to work with the Texas Holdem analysis software.

Cigarette Case Barcode Marked Cards Camera     2017-08-02

We can fix a poker camera lens in the cigarette case of any brand, turning it into a barcode marking reader.

Hot Selling AKK Poker Analyzer Devices     2017-07-28

We can provide customers with the latest AKK analyzers like A1, K5 and K4 for different poker scanning camera and predict poker result advance poker games.

Laser Camera For Laser Marked Cards     2017-07-25

The laser camera used at poker games can be more secretly and usefully for reading the laser marked cards that are printed with the laser ink.

Watch Poker Camera For Luminous Ink Cards     2017-07-24

A hidden camera lens was fixed into this classical watch, which is for scanning barcode marked cards.

Poker Scanner System With Poker Camera     2017-07-19

The poker scanning camera has installed into poker analyzer would scan barcode marked cards automatically and the secret is hard to be found by other poker players.

Bicycle Prestige Luminous Marked Cards     2017-07-17

We normally use poker printer and special lumionous ink to make two types of Bicycle Prestige marked decks: Bicycle Prestige back marked decks and Bicycle Prestige barcode marked decks.

Information About AKK K4 Poker Analyzer     2017-07-13

K4 poker analyzer can be used to cheat at different kinds of poker games. For example, Texas holdem, Omaha, Omaha hi-lo, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Seka, Teen Patti and other games

AKK A1 Online Poker Analyzer Poker Cheating Device     2017-07-12

AKK A1 poker analyzer can read barcode marked cards in 360 angle degree no matter how you place the cards

All-in-One And Crew-Served Poker Parsers     2017-06-26

What is more,compared with the crew-served poker parser, all-in-one poker analyzer is accurate and faster in sending information about the values and suits of cards.

Remote Control Dice System     2017-06-23

The remote control dice have many different specifications, such as different point, size, single or double, positive or negative of the remote dices.

Remote Control Car Key Poker Winner Predictor Scanner     2017-05-12

the scanner hidden in the remote control car key scans the playing cards from a distance of 30-40 cm in 0.1 seconds. The results are transmitted directly into a micro earphone, without anyone noticing.

Infrared Or UV Contact Lenses For Lumious Marked Cards     2017-05-10

The markings can be applied to the back of red or blue cards. The contact lenses read both which is an advantage over the glasses which can only read the back of red backed cards.

Marked Deck Analyzer With Cards Scanning Camera     2017-05-08

The mini camera inside would scan barcode marked cards automatically and the secret is hard to be found by other poker players.

AKK K4 UV Marked Cards Analyzer Software     2017-05-08

But it also can work with extra cameras. For example, car key poker camera, cigarette box camera, chip tray poker camera, USB cable camera and others.

CVK 730V Power Bank Dynamic Poker Reader Camera Lenses     2017-05-05

A wonderful thing about using our CVK730V power bank dynamic camera is that the cellphone being charged by the power bank can be the poker analyzer.

Plastic Transparent Chip Tray Camera For Poker Analyzer     2017-05-04

This mini chip box camera is very useful and helpful for marked cards scanning analyzer when you play gamble games in casino or poker club, as from outside, no one will see the mini camera and no one will realize that there is more mini camera inside your mini chip box.

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