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Barcode invisible marked cards readers     2018-01-04

Poker analyzer system is used to read the barcode invisible ink marked cards. And the whole process of its poker cheating is safe and secret.

Poker scanner system reports cards directly     2018-01-03

This kind of poker scanner system is designed for 52 cards games, which starts to walk into peoples eyesight.

Poker shoes for cheating in gambling     2018-01-03

The poker shoes for cheating has been installed with an high definition poker camera.

One to one mini earphone     2018-01-02

One to one min spy earphone is designed for hearing invisible ink of one to one invisible ink marked cards.

Fashionable and elegant infrared sunglasses     2018-01-02

This new stylish sunglasses looks very cool and fashionable. Wearing such a fashionable sunglasses, you not only have a comfortable feeling but also have more chance to win the poker games.

Luminous marked dice     2017-12-29

Luminous ink marked dices are marked with invisible ink. Theses luminous invisible ink marked dices are required to play with special dice perspective glasses.

How does poker analyzer work with barcode marked playing cards?     2017-12-29

Poker analyzer system are one of the best poker readers to decode the invisible ink barcode marked playing cards. Poker analyzer, poker scanner and mini earpiece are the main components of poker analyzer system.

Bee marked playing cards with invisible ink on the back     2017-12-28

Bee marked playing cards with invisible ink on the back are marked with high quality invisible ink on the back.

Ultraviolet invisible ink contact lenses for dark brown eyes     2017-12-28

Ultraviolet invisible ink contact lenses are born to be reader for ultraviolet invisible ink marked cards.

Invisible ink for poker players     2017-12-27

We provide invisible ink and invisible ink pen for some poker players who want to mark their playing cards by themselves. Our invisible ink are of high quality which can keep unfading as long as several years.

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