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Ashtray poker scanner for luminous ink marked cards     2018-03-13

Do you and your poker buddies like to smoke while playing poker? If you do, the ashtray poker scanner is one of the best choices for you.

How Mercury Dice Work in Dice Game?     2018-03-12

On the outside, there is nothing special about our mercury dice, while on the inside, we have put a certain amount of mercury -- the only liquid metal, into the dice.

Perspective Table For Seeing Normal Poker Cards     2018-03-09

The perspective table we sell has been installed with our special poker cameras, which have the function of scanning normal poker cards.

Automatic Dealing Cards Shoe Camera for Omaha     2018-03-08

The automatic dealing cards shoe camera has more exquisite workmanship and more elegant appearance.

Invisible ink marked cards contact lenses for poker cheating      2018-03-06

The invisible ink marked cards are not the normal contact lenses, although when you wear them, they just like the normal contact lenses.

Luminous invisible ink marked cards     2018-01-31

And the luminous invisible ink can be controlled so that the host can see the markings the entire time as visible as ever, whereas, the audience cannot see any of the markings.

Best Way to Mark Cards with Luminous Ink     2018-01-31

Marking cards is an art and requires practice. Some people use it for magic tricks and other people, like poker sharks, use it for cheating Baccarat or Omaha.

Win the game by lighter poker scanner camera without difficulty     2018-01-30

Have you ever used lighter poker scanner camera before? Do you desire to win much more money in the poker games such as Omaha and Baccarat?

Exchanging cards wallet for increasing winning odds     2018-01-30

The exchange cards wallet is one kind of useful poker cheat devices for getting the best poker result and increasing winning odds in poker games.

KEM marked cards with luminous ink marks     2018-01-25

KEM playing cards are of high quality poker cards with durability and flexibility. This kind of playing cards is the best material to be processed into marked cards.

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