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Invisible ink marked playing cards     2017-11-06

Marked playing cards are printed with high quality invisible ink by poker printer and proficient technicians.

Infrared contact lenses     2017-11-04

The IR contact lenses are special for seeing through the back marks of marked cards. With a special material, our infrared contact lenses are comfortable to wear, which will not give any harm to your eyes.

Where to buy the high-quality poker cheating device?     2017-11-04

Our company is the best manufacturers famous for producing poker cheating devices in China. We mainly produce invisible ink marked cards, poker analyze system and marked cards contact lenses.

Perspective poker table for reading common cards     2017-11-03

The perspective poker table is placed a high definition spy camera lens inside, which is too small and concealable to be detected at poker games.

K20 poker analyzer at poker games     2017-11-03

Using K20 poker analyzer at poker games, you are able to know the biggest winner, the first and second winner and the rank of all players before the dealing cards is finished.

Wallet spy camera lens in poker games     2017-11-02

Wallet spy camera lens is a wonderful poker cheat device because it is so widely used in our daily life that no one will find the secret. When you put it on the poker table, it would spy invisible ink marked cards automatically.

AKK vibrator for sale     2017-11-02

AKK vibrator is a kind of more concealable and convenient product with six numbers link to the vibrator.

CVK 500 poker analyzer at Flush     2017-11-01

CVK 500 poker analyzer is an all-in-one poker analyzer with an built-in poker camera. It means that CVK 500 poker analyzer both can read the mark of the barcode marked cards and analyze the data of barcode marked cards.

One to one special contact lenses for sale     2017-11-01

When you play poker games with one to one marked cards, other infrared contact lenses or ultraviolet contact lenses are not able to see through the mark. Only your one to one contact lenses can make it.

X ray cup scanner for reading points of normal dice     2017-10-31

Unlike other dice cheating device, x ray cup scanner is used to look through the normal dice without being processed, such as transparent dice, bone dice and ceramic dice.

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