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Invisible ink Modiano marked cards for Texas Holdem     2017-11-13

Modiano invisible ink marked cards is made of 100% plastic, which is durable, waterproof, crimp-resistant and scuff-resistant. It is perfect for Texas Holdem poker games.

Clock poker scanner     2017-11-10

The clock poker scanner is a long distance poker scanner whose distance for scanning can reach up to 6 meters. It features a wide scanning area and long scanning distance.

Copag 1546 marked poker cards     2017-11-10

Copag 1546 marked poker cards is made of 100% plastic, which is water-resistant, crimp-resistant and scruff-resistant.

One to one laser camera for Laser ink marked cards     2017-11-09

One to one laser camera is designed to read laser ink on the marked cards. This kind of laser ink cannot be used to read infrared marked cards or ultraviolet marked cards.

Poker cards shuffler to cheat in poker games     2017-11-09

We process the poker cards shuffler into poker cheating device by installing a fiber optic lens into it. The fiber optic lens is absolutely concealable so that it is pretty hard to be discovered by those who check the cards shuffler.

iPhone 7 power bank poker camera see barcode marked cards     2017-11-08

We install a mini exquisite poker camera inside the iPhone 7 power bank which can scan the invisible barcode along the edge of marked cards.

Fournier 2800 marked poker cards for poker games     2017-11-08

Fournier 2800 marked poker cards are all imported from Spain and processed with luminous invisible ink by poker printer and our professional technicians.

Copag Fall Edition marked plastic poker cards     2017-11-07

Copag Fall Edition is one special marked cards of Copag Four Season marked cards with a Peek Index. Peek Index is based on a regular jumbo index but with an extra, smaller index at the very top of corner.

Ashtray poker camera for edge marked cards     2017-11-07

This crystal ashtray poker camera need to cooperate with edge marked cards, poker analyzer and mini earphone.

X ray scanning camera in dice games     2017-11-06

Using x ray scanning camera in dice games can easily help you to see the points of dice very clearly and directly. This device is good for gambling at "Big and Small", and you can use it to count the points of the dice at dice games.

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