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Marked cards sunglasses for cheating     2017-11-18

Wearing our infrared sunglasses in poker games, you can see through the back invisible ink marks of marked cards clearly without arising on one attention.

8mm ultraviolet contact lenses     2017-11-17

8mm ultraviolet contact lenses is suitable for those people diameter of pupil is about 8mm.

Male Leather wallet poker camera for poker analyzer system     2017-11-17

After male leather wallet finishes scanning the marks of edge marked cards, it would sent the information to poker analyzer as soon as possible.

Cigarette box poker scanning camera     2017-11-16

Cigarette box is installed by us a so tiny poker camera lens inside that other players has some difficulties to find its secret. Thus, you can be the best winner without any doubt.

Copag 139 luminous ink marked poker cards     2017-11-16

Copag 139 luminous ink marked poker card is bridge size plastic-coated paper cards with jumbo index and regular index.

Ultraviolet contact lenses     2017-11-15

Ultraviolet marked cards a kind of marked cards with ultraviolet invisible ink on along the side or on the four corner of cards which can be read by ultraviolet contact lenses or sunglasses.

Copag EPT marked playing cards     2017-11-15

There are three types Copag EPT in our company, contact lenses marked playing cards, barcode marked playing cards and back marked playing cards for infrared spy camera.

Poker-exchanging table for Baccarat     2017-11-14

A poker exchanger is installed inside the tabletop of poker table. Except for the poker exchanger, there is nothing different between our special poker-exchanging table and normal poker table.

Aviator marked cards for poker cheat     2017-11-14

The Aviator marked cards are printed with an invisible ink mark which can be used to cheat in poker games. It is a poker cheating device.

Gray infrared invisible ink contact lenses for marked poker cards     2017-11-13

Using infrared invisible ink contact lenses, you can see through the marks on the back of the marked cards with no effort.

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