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Fournier 505 marked cards for cheating     2017-12-01

Fournier 505 marked cards is one of the most popular marked cards for magicians all over the worlds. Each deck contains 54 tapered plastic-coated cards.

Modiano Golden Trophy marked playing cards     2017-11-30

Modiano Golden Trophy marked cards are processed from high-quality Modiano Golden Trophy playing card with invisible ink and poker printer by our professional technicians.

Hanging lamp camera for poker analyzer system     2017-11-30

There is a mini camera lens installed inside the hanging lamp, which is hard to be found by other poker players even the user. This hanging lamp poker camera can be used in many poker games, such as Texas Holdem, Blackjack, Flush, Baccarat and Omaha.

PK King S508 poker analyzer     2017-11-29

PK King S508 poker analyzer is one of the best poker analyzer in our company which is comprised of the poker analyzer, remote controller, battery, charger and mini earphone.

Double-six dominos with invisible mark     2017-11-29

Double-six marked dominos is printed with luminous invisible ink on the back, which only can be read by ultraviolet luminous ink contact lenses or sunglasses.

Do you want to be the best winner in poker games?     2017-11-28

When you put the poker analyzer on the poker table, it will scan the barcode marked cards automatically.

Silver aviator sunglasses for invisible ink marked cards     2017-11-28

Wearing silver aviator marked cards sunglasses in poker games, you can see the numbers and suits on the back of marked cards and make your bet without any risk.

Car key poker scanner for poker analyzer     2017-11-27

There is a mini poker camera lens put into the car key which is able to scan the invisible barcode along the edge of marked cards.

Poker cards scanners     2017-11-27

If you want to find some poker scanners for edge marked cards, we can provide you with cell phone poker scanner, chip tray poker scanner, car key poker scanner, watch poker scanner and so on.

Long distance camera to see marked cards     2017-11-24

Long distance poker camera always can scan the marked cards far away 6m. Even though the scanning distance is about 6 meters, the invisible ink marks on the cards back can be shown on the TV screen clearly.

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