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Modiano marked cards of world series     2017-12-08

Modiano marked cards of world series are made from Modianos proprietary 100% platinum acetate plastic for superlative feel, play, and longevity.

Latest one to one contact lenses and sunglasses     2017-12-07

The latest one to one contact lenses and sunglasses are the special contact lenses and sunglasses which can only be used to read the one to one marked cards.

Texas Holdem K20 poker analyzer     2017-12-07

Texas holdem can be easily cheat by using poker analyzer. Poker analyzer system is made up of a camera lens, an analyzer and an earpiece also together with cards marked by barcode.

Long distant wireless speaker     2017-12-06

The wireless speaker is an important tool to convey the result of poker games from a long distance. While playing poker games, your partner need to report the result under the help of long distant wireless speaker.

Invisible ink marked mahjong titles     2017-12-06

We print the invisible ink on the back of mahjong tiles which only can be seen by wearing our special contact lenses.

GS external camera for poker analyzer system     2017-12-05

Our company GS is the most professional manufacturer in China to produce the poker cheating devices, such as marked cards, infrared contact lenses, ultraviolet sunglasses, poker analyzer system, poker scanners and so on.

Bumble Bee marked cards     2017-12-05

Bumble bee marked cards with a classic and antiqued look, are naturally smooth and easy to grip, shuffle and played with. All of our Bumble bee marked cards are processed by the high-quality original bee playing cards.

High-quality wireless mini earphone     2017-12-02

The mini earphone, also called mini earpiece or spy earphone, is applied to receive the poker result from poker analyzer.

Transparent poker shoe cheats in Baccarat     2017-12-02

While working in Baccarat, transparent poker shoe needs to work with a poker analyzer, barcode marked cards and a mini earphone.

Luminous ink contact lenses     2017-12-01

Luminous ink contact lenses are a great poker reader for invisible back marked cards in poker cheating. Wearing luminous ink contact lenses, users can see through the invisible ink on the back of marked cards.

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