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Modiano Belot contact lenses marked cards     2017-12-14

All our Modiano Belot marked cards are imported from original playing in Italy and the processed with high-quality invisible ink by poker printer and proficient technicians.

Infrared marked cards contact lenses with invisible ink     2017-12-13

Playing with back marked cards, only wearing the infrared marked cards contact lenses can read the invisible mark on cards clearly.

Transparent poker shoe and barcode marked cards     2017-12-13

In appearance, the transparent poker shoe has no difference from the other poker shoe. But as a matter of fact, a HD camera lens was fixed inside the secret place, not being found by naked eyes.

Winning money at private casino games with poker camera     2017-12-12

Poker camera is an important part of poker gamble devices. It works together with poker analyzer and bar code marked cards. There are different poker cameras.

Copag marked poker cards with invisible marks     2017-12-12

Coapg marked poker cards are divided into back marked poker cards and barcode marked poker cards. Copag back marked poker cards only can be read with the help of infrared contact lenses.

Cards provider of marked playing cards     2017-12-11

There are main back marked cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system and back marked cards read by spy camera. They will enable you to master poker games to the largest extent.

Plastic tissue box for edge marked cards     2017-12-11

The poker camera fixed inside the plastic tissue box is completely concealable, making it difficult to be found by others. In order for the edge marked cards scanner to work, users need to keep the tissue box 20 to 35cm from the cards.

Copag poker star marked poker cards     2017-12-09

Copag cards are the official cards of the World Series of Poker Tour, brought to rival the KEM cards. Made of 100% plastic, they can handle the wear and tear of normal games, outlasting paper and plastic coated cards hundreds of times.

Marking cards by yourself     2017-12-09

Our company offer you the ink that can help you to mark the red cards for contact lenses, and the red and blue cards for IR camera. If want blue cards marked for contact lenses, better let the cards marked by our factory.

Latest shirt button camera lens     2017-12-08

A mini poker camera lens is hidden inside the shirt button which can be useful for poker gamble cheating. With this perfect concealment in games, shirt button poker scanner can create a wonderful poker cheating with poker analyzer system.

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