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Any player who immerse themselves in poker games in casino knows that there are different kinds of marked cards. Today, I would like to talk about contact lenses marked cards.
Ultraviolet marked cards a kind of marked cards with ultraviolet invisible ink on along the side or on the four corner of cards which can be read by ultraviolet contact lenses or sunglasses. There are various ultraviolet marked cards in our company. for instance, Copag contact lenses marked, Bee contact lenses marked cards, Modiano contact lenses marked cards, Bicycle contact lenses marked cards and etc. In addition, different ultraviolet contact lenses are available in our company.
With contact lenses marked cards in poker games, you can be unstoppable in the game with making bet safely. Being the best winner in poker games is easy foe you with ultraviolet contact lenses for marked cards.

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Name: JJ IP: Time: 2019-02-03 12:18:56
Content: I would like to buy a box of 10 decks of marked bee playing cards WITH blue contact lenses to see the markings on the cards Thank you
Admin_reply: Hello, friend. I have sent a email to you, please check and reply. Thanks
Name: enrique IP: Time: 2018-12-27 05:39:33
Content: precio de producto y cartas
Admin_reply: Hola amigo, gracias por su investigación sobre las lentes de contacto y las cartas marcadas, os he enviado Whatsapp mensaje, por favor, compruebe y respuesta, gracias

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