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Poker cards shuffler to cheat in poker games

Nowadays, poker dealer usually deal cards with shuffler rather than with hands. In such an situation, cards shuffler is no doubt a perfect poker cheating device for poker players in poker games.
Our company is a famous manufacturer mainly processing the ordinary subjects into a imaginable cheating devices, such as the subject we mentioned before, poker cards shuffler.
We process the poker cards shuffler into poker cheating device by installing a fiber optic lens into it. The fiber optic lens is absolutely concealable so that it is pretty hard to be discovered by those who check the cards shuffler. Using this cheating cards shuffler, it first can scan the poker faces of ordinary playing cards, then turn them into digital numbers and sent to a cell phone or computer. Through the data showing on the screen of cell phone or computer, you can easily figure out who is the best winner hand, the first and second winner hand. The scanning distance depends on which kind of poker cheating device poker cards shuffler work with. The whole cheating system with a cell phone ( and a remote control ) is for short-distance monitoring. As for the long-distance monitoring, the whole cheating system consists of a poker cheat card shuffler, two cell phones, a remote control and a TV or a computer.
In addition, there are different sizes of cards shuffler for your choice: small size for shuffling 2 decks of playing cards, medium size for shuffling 4 or 6 decks and big size shuffling 8 decks.

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