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How the Luminous Ink Marked Cards Work?

Luminous ink marked cards can be the most trickiest and deceiving type of "magic" in the card trick genre. Luminous ink acts as invisible ink and has the incredible perk of deception. The luminous ink can be controlled so that the host can see the markings the entire time as visible as ever, however, the audience cannot see any of the markings.
As far back as my research goes, luminous ink is relatively new (2004ish). Great magicians of this era have used luminous ink (with special luminous contact lenses readers) and tricked millions of viewers live and on television. It is hazy where luminous ink was first created, but the special ink is still in secret for the most part.
How does luminous ink marked cards work? That is easy. After you create your marked cards you use a special reader to view your markings. If you are trying to be "sneaky" you may want to buy or special custom your own glasses with the red filter as the lense or order a special pair of luminous ink contact lenses.

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