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Fournier marked cards poker

Fournier cards is a famous brand of playing cards in Spain. Made of one hundred percent plastic material, Fournier cards are washable, durable, crimp-resistant and scuff-resistant.

There are usually two types of Fournier marked cards poker, back marked cards poker and edge marked cards poker. In order to achieve a perfect cheat, these two kinds of Fournier marked cards poker need to work with their corresponding poker readers. The former one works with infrared contact lenses or sunglasses, and the latter one work with poker analyzer system.

Our company is a professional manufacturer producing various poker cheating devices. We have applied the most advanced technology and equipment to print invisible ink marks on the cards back or cards edge. The most important is that there is no chromatic aberration between Fournier original cards and Fournier marked cards.

There are also many different types of Fournier marked cards in our company, such as Fournier 2500 marked cards, Fournier 2800 marked cards and so on.

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