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Copag EPT Luminous Marked Poker Decks for Sale

Origin: Brazil
Packing: 1 deck
Weight: 0.18kg
Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games
Delivery Time: 2-3 working days
Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket
Product ID: IIMC0034

EPT COPAG playing cards, 100% plastic poker size jumbo index cards of the European Poker Tour. These poker cards are the trusted quality, the EPT for years the best known and most prestigious live poker tournaments in the world.

The Copag EPT magic marked cards has two types:
1, Copag EPT Back Magic Marked Cards    
Like the name back magic marked cards, the marks are printed on the back of cards. There are also two kinds of Copag EPT Back magic marked cards: the Copag EPT IR marked cards for IR camera lens and the Copag EPT invisible ink marked cards for invisible ink pen contact lenses or playing cards sunglasses. Our naked eyes fail to recognize the marks on the back of them.
2, Copag EPT Barcode Magic Marked Playing Cards
This kind of cards are printed bar code on the four sides, the Copag EPT barcode marked cards can be read by poker card scanner, after the poker card scanner scans the bar code of the marked cards, it will send the information to the poker analyzer, the analyzer analyzes the information and tells the result quickly, you can hear the result through the mini earpiece.
Copag EPT Marked Playing Cards characteristics:
–Comes in two colors: red and blue
–Jumbo index, made up by 100% plastic
–Well-known all over the world
–Card size: 63*88 mm—standard size for poker cards.
–The deck contains 52 cards, 3 jokers and 1 guarantee card.
Blue cards:  marked with a big font in the middle of the poker cards (white marks)
Red ones:  suits and numbers can be typed in the middle of the cards or in 4 corners (white or black marks)
Friendly tips:
Red cards enjoy more preference because of their clear marks.
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Content: how much are the uv invisible ink glasses, do you sell a ink pen to use with this and do you provide express delivey? thanks
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