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Card shuffler machine

Typically, poker cheating devices need the marked playing cards and marked cards reader. However, with our cards shuffler machine, you don’t need to buy the custom marked cards, while you set up the program (select the games you play, the sequence of cards etc), just put a deck of non-marked cards in it randomly, then every card will follow the sequence as you wish after adjustment and predict the winner for you. Finally, you will have a great advantage over your opponents.
Since cards shufflers machine are commonly seen in many casinos, no one will have a suspect from your action of putting the card shuffler machine on the table. Furthermore, it has good concealment; the others will fail to find something different from our card shuffler machine by its appearance. Such convenient and safe products, why not email us right now to get more information? I am sure that it is a great gift for you.
Application area:
Initially, cards shufflers machine were just seen in world-famous casinos and luxury entertainment, saving time is the biggest advantage of this machine, but few people can afford. However, with the development of economy and technology, now the cards shuffler machines are commonly used in many occasions, from varies of entertainment venues to personal daily recreation.
Inner working:          
Cards are input into an automatic card shuffler using a card input mechanism, and they are temporarily stored in card storage device. There is a built-in imaging sensor, when it starts to shuffle, the imaging sensor may capture the images of cards as the cards pass through the cards input mechanism between the pick-off roller and speed-up rollers, and then it may cause the movable rack to move up and down in the vertical direction, so that the cards can be inserted into the perspective position in card storage department. Once the shuffling cooperation is completed, the data will be received by the CPU soon, and then you will get the result within 1s.
Ps: The built-in imaging sensor can control the position of card storage department very accurately, up to 0.1mm.
The ways to use:
First, turn on the electric power of this machine, then set a program (select the type of games, the sequence of cards your wish and so on). Second, put the non-marked cards in, when the green button lights up, which means it can be pressed to make the shuffling operation start. The button will be dim during the shuffling operation. About 30s, when shuffling operation completed, and the button will light up again.
If you want further details, just feel free to contact us. We will give you more useful information via the video call; of course, you are welcome to come to our office to have a try. Not like the marked poker cards and poker contact lens, this card shuffler machine can be used for a long time.


1. Specification: 290mm*170mm*27mm, black color
2.   It is chargeable, no battery
3.   AC~100-120/200-240V Hertz: 50/60Hz

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