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Three Big Differences

Three Big Differences Three Big Differences

People do not know the differences between low-quality marked cards and high-quality marked cards said that they do not care about the quality, they just care the price.
What are the big differences?


1.The Feeling of Touching

As you know, the feeling of touching is very important. Poor quality marked cards, when you touch it, you will feel very soft or very rough, it is very easy to make people to know that your cards are different from the normal cards. On the contrary, high quality marked deck not only looking but also the feelings of touching are as same as the normal cards.
Think about it, if your friends feel the difference, then how can you explain?


2.The Invisible Marks

You can look at my picture and compare the superior one and professional one. I know that the professional one can give you a very strong visual impact. You can know the suit and number when you see the strong invisible marks on the back of cards. However, if you use the superior one, you may spend more time to read the suit and number because the juice is not so good, which will influence the result of game. To make the poker games go perfectly, I know you will know that which one is the best choice.


3.The Keeping Time
Keeping time is the important key that every one need to concern about. No matter the high-quality marked deck or the low-quality one, the invisible juice on the back will fade away. However, as for the bad quality one, it is much easier to make people see the juice on the back of cards, within 15 days. And the high-quality can be kept as least for over 3 months if you place them in locker or somewhere that don't have sunlight when you do not use them.
Tips: DO remember; don’t expose the cards under sunlight, in order to keep long time.

Anyway, if you really want to get the perfect result during the poker games, you should try the best one.


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