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KEM marked cards with luminous ink marks     2018-01-25

KEM playing cards are of high quality poker cards with durability and flexibility. This kind of playing cards is the best material to be processed into marked cards.

Different kinds of camera lenses for poker cheating     2018-01-25

The camera lenses are the indispensable part for poker analyzer system to cheat at poker game. There are three different kinds of camera lenses, spy camera lenses, poker analyzer camera lenses and pinhole camera lenses.

Magic poker shoe     2018-01-24

As we know, poker shoe is a necessary gambling tool for Baccarat, and it also can be the best cheating device for the game.

Long sleeve barcode cards scanner     2018-01-24

Most of poker camera lens are in the disguise of daily necessities. Those holding the camera lens is so-called poker cards scanner.

Marked cards of high quality     2018-01-22

The increasing number of magic show and club are using invisible ink marked cards to perform. Thus the high quality marked cards are their primary choice.

Setup of Omaha poker game     2018-01-22

Omaha poker game is famous its easy operation. More popular Omaha poker game is, the more cheating devices are required.

How to set up poker analyzer     2018-01-19

Working with poker analyzer at poker game is the way most poker players choose in casino. But how to set up the poker analyzer? The procedures are as followed.

Copag invisible ink marked poker cards     2018-01-19

Copag playing cards is one of the most famous and popular brands of poker cards in the world. We processed the Copag playing cards into Copag marked poker cards with invisible ink of high quality.

Bee back marked cards works with contact lenses     2018-01-18

Bee back marked playing cards are processed by normal bee poker cards which are imported from America. You can see there are blue back and red back of these poker cards.

The best poker analyzer in the market     2018-01-18

The poker analyzer is the most excellent and concealable poker cheating device in the world.

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