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Cigarette camera cheat secretly in poker games     2017-10-18

This kind of special cigarette is built in a mini scanning camera lens. The camera lens is tiny that no one will noticed.

KEM back/side marked playing cards     2017-10-18

KEM marked poker playing cards is made totally of cellulose acetate material, which is the most durable plastic poker cards in the world.

How much do you know about poker cards scanners?     2017-10-17

We have two types of poker cards scanner for sale: scanner for back poker marked cards and scanner for side poker marked cards.

Hearing the result of poker games more secretly     2017-10-17

One to one means only the person who wear the one to one spy earphone can hear the result even though there are poker players wearing mini spy earphone around him.

The Cheapest Luminous Ink Glasses     2017-10-16

The luminous ink glasses is good tool for you to see the luminous marked cards, which are well made filtered glasses.

Ultraviolet Contact Lenses For Blue Eyes     2017-10-16

Ultraviolet Contact Lenses are the special contact lenses to see marked poker cards.

Infrared invisible ink contact lenses     2017-10-13

Infrared contact lenses is a special invisible ink contact lenses to see invisible marked playing cards.

Luminous ink pen enable you to mark the regular poker cards     2017-10-13

Luminous ink pen enable you to mark the regular poker cards more convenient.

How to win in the poker games     2017-10-12

The are lots of poker playing tricks, now I will introduce three of them to you.

AKK K4 all-in-one poker analyzer for barcode playing cards     2017-10-12

Akk k4 poker analyzer is all- in-one analyzer, which can not only scan the barcode poker playing cards but also analyze the data and report the result by mini earpiece.

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