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Ashtray poker cards scanner     2017-10-24

Ashtray poker card scanner is a real metal ashtray with a high definition camera building in.There are two kinds of metal ashtray, square metal ashtray poker scanner and round ashtray poker scanner.

LD D4 poker analyzer     2017-10-24

LD D4 poker analyzer is an all in one poker analyzer which mean that it not only can scan the barcode invisible ink marked cards but also analyzer the information of the marked cards.

Infrared contact lenses for marked playing cards     2017-10-23

Infrared contact lenses has been widely used in poker games in poker area. It is produced with the special IR material by a series of specific and professional procedures.

Bee marked playing cards     2017-10-23

We processed the bee poker cards imported from America into marked poker cards with luminous invisible ink, which is so-called Bee marked playing cards.

Aviator invisible ink sunglasses to see the luminous ink marked cards     2017-10-21

By wearing this kind of sunglasses, you succeed in looking through the luminous ink marked playing cards in poker games.

Black dealing shoe in Baccarat games     2017-10-21

The black dealing shoe is built an scanning poker camera which is a new technology for baccarat games.

Ceiling lamp for infrared invisible ink marked cards in blackjack games     2017-10-20

With the help of ceiling poker camera lens, the lamp camera will read the back invisible ink marked cards clearly and accurately.

Poker analyzers cheats in gambles     2017-10-20

The poker analyzer system is comprised of poker analyzer, poker analyzer scanning camera, and mini earphone. And the poker analyzer is the most paramount parts among them three.

One to one infrared marked cards is coming     2017-10-19

The one to one infrared juice marked cards is printed with special luminous ink on the back of cards, only can be detected by one to one infrared camera.

Specialized in marking regular poker playing cards     2017-10-19

Nowadays, we are capable of processing proficiently regular playing cards into marked playing cards with our mature technology.

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