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Vibration Sensing Dice

Our vibration sensing dice can help to let you know what result is gonna come out in advance when you guess “ odd or even” or “ big points or small points” in dice games.
Such cheating dice have been specially processed, but they look very normal and nothing can be found inside them if you smash the dice into pieces. If you intend to cheat in dice games alone by using our vibration sensing dice, you need to put a vibrator into your pocket before dice game. The vibration sensing dice covered by dice bowl or dice cup will send signals to the vibrator, letting you know that result is gonna come out by shaking once or twice. For instance, if the result is odd, the vibrator will shake once; while if the result is even, the vibrator will shake twice.
We can provide you with vibration dice of different sizes, including 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm ... Besides, we can also process your normal dice, no matter it’s bone dice or plastic dice, into vibration sensing dice for you if you like. We can make them magnetic or non-magnetic according to your requirement. The non-magnetic dice won’t be disrupted by magnets at all.

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Name: Adam IP: Time: 2018-06-03 13:11:41
Content: Hello , I am looking for a pair of  Tapper mercury dice. I collect dice amd would like a set for my collection. there currently seems to be no such dice on the market currently , but I do know they exist. Can you / do you create such dice ? I am looking forward to your response.
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry about mercury dices, I have sent you email, please check and reply, thanks
Name: Mark Charles IP: Time: 2018-05-19 05:49:57
Content: Hi, I am looking for 3 pair of glasses and a pen/marker/ink that can be used to mark playing cards for an escape room puzzle. Glasses must be durable as they will be handled by hundreds of people. Shipping to Winnipeg, Canada
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry about glasses, a pen/marker/ink for marking playing cards, I have sent you email, please check and reply, thanks
Name: Prakash IP: Time: 2018-02-07 23:40:04
Content: I want uv contact lens but I want to know that how it works?
Admin_reply: Thanks for your inquiry about UV contact lenses, I have sent you email, please check and reply, thanks

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