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UV-marker works with playing cards

The UV LEDs used to read the message written by UV markers emits near "ultraviolet light". This near-ultraviolet radiant energy is also called the black light which fall just outside the visible spectrum with a wavelength of 380 nm. Such wavelength is very narrow and will fall within a much broader band as regular fluorescent black lights. Therefore, UV LEDs are completely safe. It will cause no damage to your eyes nor risks of skin cancer. When the black light falls upon the UV-invisible ink, it makes the ink fluoresce, where it emits visible light and make the message readable for human eyes.

Fluoresce is caused by a conversion of energy; when the invisible ultraviolet falls on the fluorescent surface, it is absorbed and re-emitted as visible light radiation. The absorption of energy by the electrons in the UV-invisible ink enables this to happen. When an extra amount of energy is absorbed, the electrons jump into higher energy orbital patterns surround their nucleus. Eventually, the energy will be released as visible light when they fall back to their normal orbital shell.[5] The difference between the original electron orbital and the new orbital pattern will determine the colour of the fluorescent.

In some cases, people can also use photocopiers to develop UV-invisible ink message as the head of the photocopiers contain UV components.

Marked cards using UV mark characteristics, Print the UV ink on the playing cards, Made a invisible ink marked cards.

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Content: I want to change ordinary deck of playing cards to barcode marked cards by my own. so pls can u explain the way to perform this. pls inform me the procedures and also about the expenses for this.
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Content: Looking to purchase the contact lenses for blue eyes the goo ones. Also I’m looking to purchase Copag blue and red plastic poker cards marked with the invisible ink. Please let me know cost for both and also shipping time and cost. I can order on regular basis because I resell. Regards Mike
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Content: Hello , I am looking for a pair of  Tapper mercury dice. I collect dice amd would like a set for my collection. there currently seems to be no such dice on the market currently , but I do know they exist. Can you / do you create such dice ? I am looking forward to your response.
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